Who Am I?

Hello, I’m Ren!  Short for Renee, which is my middle name, meaning ‘re-birth’ or ‘reborn’ — particularly relevant these days.
I am an aspiring writer, an advocate for animals (horses especially), and someone who is not afraid of change.  I believe that the most important things in life stem from three fundamentals: truth, love, & courage.  Seek Truth.  Be Love.  Have Courage. 

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A Good Place to Start

My Story — The Short, Current Version

This page should help you find your way around and give you an idea of where all my nonsense comes from.

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This is our dream – to create a permanent sanctuary for horses around all we have learned from them in an effort to uplift people to a higher awareness of who they really are, and to the power of love and presence in their lives.

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Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you ~ Rumi

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